Dan Berger 
Social Tables

I'm proud to call Glen my mentor, coach and friend. Since our first meeting, Glen didn't just ask me the right questions, he also had the right answers. He has so much experience (from entrepreneur to turn-around CEO) that he is able to recognize patterns faster than most. This critical ability allows him to asses business scenarios skillfully and provide feedback rapidly.

Paul Erickson
Senior Principal Architect
LeMay Erickson Wilcox Architects
There are two observations I would offer about the 2 1/2 years that I worked with Glen as an executive coach. First, he always was "present" in the best sense during our coaching sessions, as a friend, a seasoned businessman, and an inquisitive mind. Glen thinks outside the box, and when we met for our sessions, it was easy to see that his mind was always working. Which leads me to the second observation: Glen has a unique skill for asking the right question. In the process, he separates the wheat from the chaff to reveal what is important. If you're honest, and are wiling to act, this insight gives you the basis to move your company forward in new ways.

Deborah Hamlin
 Executive Director
Cross Atlantic Capital Partner

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Glen during my first year of Vistage.  As our group chair, Glen has been an invaluable mentor and coach.  Glen's best trait for me is diving head on into my real issues ... some I don't even see myself.  He always leaves me with some new nugget of information – usually about myself or the way I operate –  and a homework assignment as the first step to start facing my obstacles.  Simple, yet very effective.

Peter Hesse
Gemini Security Solutions
Although I've been running my own small business for over a decade, it wasn't until I met Glen Hellman that I began to truly learn how to run a business. His advice is helping me improve the business for the long run. I've been fortunate to be working with Glen as both a business coach, as well as a facilitator for business owner peer group discussion. Glen has been spot-on with his recommendations pulled from his many years of varied experience, and delivers no-nonsense advice and direction where it is needed most. I'm happy to recommend Glen to people who are looking to make their business better.

Michelle Hoffman 
Hoffman CFO

Since working with Glen Hellman, our revenues have doubled.  Glen brings great business acumen, a tremendous network and  a wealth of resources.  He is an incredible supporter and promoter of his client companies and the DC area business community in general.  Best of all, he is really darn funny and knows what really matters in life.

Joe Landa
I am one of the most cynical people on the planet and think for the most part the earth will be better off after the Zombie apocalypse. Having said that, Mr. Cranky is one of the few people I would let into my safe house (at an undisclosed location of course) because Mr. Cranky is one of the few people I know who actually "tells it like it is." No sugar coating, no pumping sunshine up my skirt, just good honest feedback from someone with relevant experience.

Michael Matalone
Former, Vistage Chair

Glen Hellman is an instrumental component to my ongoing success. As a former Vistage Chair myself, I have extensive experience and knowledge around effective coaching approaches and Glen is one of the best I have had the pleasure to work with.  Through our monthly one to one coaching sessions, he helps me stay focused on what is most important, pushes me to go above and beyond and “attempts” to hold me accountable to my commitments – which is not an easy task!  Additionally, he is always available to offer an ear, provide counsel and most importantly, ask me the truly hard questions that cause me to stop and think outside “my box” which typically creates better decisions and actions on my part.  I highly recommend Glen to any executive seeking to grow personally and professionally. 

Pramod Raheja
I love sports and when I think of some of the great professional quarterbacks, I also associate a great coach (think Montana/Walsh, Brady/Belichick, Holmgren/Favre).  The quarterback position is much like being an entrepreneur.  There's a lot of stuff going on, you're often in the middle of it and you're leading the charge. 
As an entrepreneur, I've gotten to pretty "good" but to become "great" I've determined that I need great coaching.  Glen Hellman is that guy for me, he asks the tough questions, holds me accountable,  doesn't accept self limiting behaviors, and pushes me when appropriate.  If you want to get to "great" then Glen should be at the top of your short list!

Judy Schramm

Glen is absolutely brilliant! No matter what your situation is, he drives straight to the core and helps you understand what's really happening. You can tell he knows exactly how to fix it, but he allows you to arrive at the answer yourself so you own the solution. My business is going to be much more successful thanks to him.

Patrick Smith 
Power Supply

Having Glen as a sounding board has been incredibly helpful to me in three particular ways: perspective, sharp questions and pattern recognition.

  1. Perspective to pull me out of the weeds
  2. Sharp questions that force me to face my own hidden assumptions and faulty conclusions (i.e. that cut through any bs that I tell myself or others)
  3. Pattern recognition that can alert me to hidden dangers easily avoided but only easily seen unless you've been there before
He's also a really effective group facilitator, keeping the conversation on track and on time while stimulating great group dynamics.

Melanie Spring

Glen Hellman asks tough questions. Glen has the vision to see what's coming and get creative enough to keep his clients on track. Sitting down with me to discuss Sisarina, he was clear I needed to be more vocal about the great things my company was doing to continue the growth I had seen. Being able to talk frankly to Glen about where my company was going gave him the inexhaustible capacity to make me think bigger, do marketing strategic marketing, and grow my business.

William Eacho 
US Ambassador to Austria
Former Managing Director
Carlton Capital

Glen has the unique ability to identify key product deficiencies and the most expedient method to correct them. He has integrity, intelligence and energy. He always, puts the company's interests first. I would be thrilled to work with him again in any endeavor.
Kevin Magee
Cross Atlantic Capital Partner
Glen is one of the smartest business people I have had the pleasure of working alongside. As CEO he demonstrated an enviable mix of commercialization know-how and operational capability. His creativity and pragmatism allowed totally new and cost effective solutions to be realized for customers. Glen has the ability to see the big picture in ways that few people ever master and can then motivate and empower people to deliver on that vision.
Carl Grant
Cooley LLP
Glen is a respected, seasoned business executive who is a great mentor to entrepreneurs and CXOs looking to walk in the shoes he's traveled in. I have spent time along side Glen coaching CEOs and think his advice and guidance is spot on

Irfan Ali
CEO  Advanced Reactor Concepts
Former President
3Com Commworks

Glen has his finger on the pulse of the technology business in the DC area. I seek him out for his astute and trusted opinions on market trends, the state of technology start-ups and early-stage capital investment.
Toyoji Kanagawa
Globespan Capital Partners
Glen was one of the best global business development executives I have ever worked with. He is driven and result-oriented, at the same time is very considerate to the needs and feelings of other people. I often observed that he'd immediately gained confidence and trust from Japanese customers. I really enjoyed working with Glen and look forward to working with him again.
Richard Fox
Managing Director
Cross Atlantic Capital Partners
Glen is the ultimate professional. He is a strategic planner comfortable operating in the board room and a consummate salesman willing to roll up his sleeves. He is a high-energy, creative and motivational leader. Most importantly, he has a strong work ethic and high integrity. I look forward to working with him again in the future.
J. Robert Baum, PhD
Director of Entrepreneurship Research
Rober H. Smith School
University of Maryland
I started my prep for this coming Thursday's class in Baltimore and realized how much I will draw upon your talk last week. It was simply spectacular, and now I understand why you are cited in papers, journals, and TV News. You had them all focused. I wish I had a video of their faces.