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Like most people in business today, I get a ton of unsolicited emails. Most of them I ignore. And yet today I got two that stood out. To one of them I responded and am about to purchase the product... that's one in a million. To another, a persistent email, Read More

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You're a professional and a rainmaker. You are associated with a larger organization, maybe as an employee or perhaps it's a contract relationship like I have with Vistage. Your lively hood is dependent on leads generated by your over-arching organization. Your leads are generated by a marketing department that is out Read More

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You see this ad everyday full of everyday ad scenes, every day people and every day mush. A brilliant expression of mediocrity. A very original expression of unoriginal thinking. Enjoy! Think about it... how much of your branding and how much of your marketing material... look just like this? This Is a Read More

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Recently I read an interesting article that acutally pointed out that using the word actually in a sentence should pop up a red falg to anyone who's actually on the receving side of the actual word. It reminded me that some folks speak plainly and some folks plainly speak douchie.  Some Read More

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First impressions are a dangerous thing. He’s so tall. She’s so well spoken. He’s so handsome. She’s so interesting. That’s the sizzle. This person is impressive. They've got sizzle... where's the beef? Many leaders are anointed on the sizzle and yet fail on the steak. That company is so hot! Nibletz and Read More

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You can sell the how of your product and you can sell the what of your product but people buy the why. Why did you see a need for it. Why is it better than what’s available? When I say why is it better I don’t mean some silly claim like Read More

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Amazon…….. when I say Amazon, you say dot com.  Yet when I was a kid, before cars were invented, Amazon referred to a river in South America or a Rain Forest or a race of warrior women or something like that. Amazon...what a stupid name for a company that sells books. Why didn’t they Read More

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Just in time for Valentines Day, the answer to the question about VCs and emotions.   Recently in a blog comment I was asked a great question. What is the sense of appealing to emotion while pitching to VCs who have removed emotion from the process?   My response... yes we silly humans would Read More

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