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Anyone can tell you what happened in the past but it takes a true visionary to give you a look back at a year that is about to happen. Looking back at the year ahead is the sign of a true visionary!!!! So here's my annual look back at the Read More

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In case you’ve been living in a hefty bag for the last few months…. let me bring you up to date. The Crimea is a Peninsula Malaysian Air has legal issues Mudslinging turned deadly in Washington State Secret has an app for mudslinging Welcome to Secret, the newest hottest mobile app in Tech Circles. Mr Read More

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You’re a proud parent of a new gorgeous baby girl. She’s beautiful, she’s brilliant (compared to the other babies in the Hospital Nursery). That’s it, you’ve won! You’ve worked for 2 to 3 months to get pregnant. You made sure you ate the right foods, you learned how to breath Read More

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It’s the beginning of a new year. A time of rebirth and renewal. A time of reflection and putting plans into action. So what is your plan? What can you do that would change everything? What is the single most important thing you can do to effect the most positive change. Read More

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OMG! Michael Chasen of Blackboard fame has another startup…. social radar. He’s raised $12.5 million dollars from primo brand VCs and Angel investors. It’s magic! It’s exciting! It’s getting all the buzz! It’s got everything including: Leadership - smart, visionary, experienced, killer CEO Investors – best in class like NEA and Grotech Public Relations - Read More

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Talk is cheap. Talk is so cheap that there’s a new “Startup Community Organizer” organizing their YJASTE (Yet Just Another Startup Community Event) every day. Here’s a tip: We already have the largest Tech Meetup in the country — DC Tech Meetup. We also already have one of the most Read More

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    What a year it’s been – it’s a year in which the world lost a Startup Technology Icon. We saw Facebook, the envy of all startups, fall from grace, and the Jersey-Shore-ification of hustlers, hackers, and designers.   2012 will go down as the year of the Wantrepreneur, the Pret-Angel, the Series Read More

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Is Microsoft Innovative? Not as much as they once were. Is Yahoo innovative? How about RIM, or HP. These companies are decades away from their last innovation and all but Microsoft are a few last gasps away from the once innovative corpse of Kodak.What is it about innovative companies that Read More

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