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Last week I did a leadership training session for rising leaders at Social Tables. In typical Don Berger's, Vincent-Lombardiesqe fashion, the class starts at 7:45 AM. Doesn't matter that I'm doing this gratis. If I want to collect my no-fee for my service, I have to get my ass out of Read More

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Startup Investors are like boat owners, your two happiest days are when you buy a stake in the company and when you sell that stake... or unfortunately when that boat sinks. Here are the 5 signs that the day you bought is going to be happier than the day you Read More

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How’s this for a question on Quora? Do angels ever graduate to become VCs? Graduate? Really? Is that a serious question? Because if that’s a serious question, than I’d like to know the answers to the following: Do humans ever graduate to vampires? Do lawyers ever graduate to become human? Do factory workers ever graduate Read More

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There are a ton of DC companies that I just never saw them pitch nor had the chance to invest. Some of them like, Spree Commerce, Canvas, Everfi, have attracted serious VCs, investing real money, and are now well beyond the seed stage. There's a ton of ideas and "companies" that Read More

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New fangled venture accelerators, angel-list-addicts, and angels commonly predict the death of Venture Capital. I say that accelerators are yet to prove they have a sustainable model, angel list is a fad that's fading as fast as Facebook and angels (like me) are the pigs on our way to the Read More

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If you stacked every startup business plan trying to raise capital from the worst to the best, the bottom of the pile would represent the turds and the top of the pile would be populated with gold.  The turd to gold ratio is determined by the amount of plans in Read More

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It all started when Cave Man Ug discovered the secret of fire. He began selling fire starter kits by packing two flints to be struck together over a couple of dry leaves into a kit which resulted in the precursor to Amway. the first network marketing organizations.  Caveway’s fire was a great idea. It provided heat, Read More

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