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I've posted multiple Amy Cuddy videos regarding The Power of Power Posing. Here's a spoof on Power Posing.   Here's the Original If you have never seen it.   Read More

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You see this ad everyday full of everyday ad scenes, every day people and every day mush. A brilliant expression of mediocrity. A very original expression of unoriginal thinking. Enjoy! Think about it... how much of your branding and how much of your marketing material... look just like this? This Is a Read More

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Dr Kelly McGonigal doing pennance for the surprising research finding that found that Stress in Harmful to People who are Stressed About Stress. In fact, the study shows that people who embrace stress are more likely to live longer.  Read More

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In Sunday's ABC 7, WJLA Washington Business Report, Rebecca Cooper, Jonathan Aberman and I discuss WhatsApp and DCTech Startups. Segment starts about 3 minutes in. If your email or browser does not support the video, you can link here to the video: http://bcove.me/kaoxwbjw Read More

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The results are in and Mr Cranky is the Washington Business Journal's co-loser of the week of February 9th, 2014, for calling out the Washington Business Journal for treating 30,000 email spam messages as if it was news (See the Award Losing Article). Although I didn't take the honor outright, I'd Read More

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I was speaking with Randy Domolky of Liquid Capital and I asked what he did for the holidays. I asked him if he was the typical VC,  bone fishing in Bonaire and calling his portfolio CEOs on December 25th or January 1st, asking them if they were working hard while Read More

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In my day, when men were men and women were women and television had 9 black and white channels, we had a profession called salesperson. It was an honored and revered profession. There were training programs for sales people. There were watering holes where sales people gathered to share tales Read More

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October 27th, 60 Minutes reported a story as told by Dylan Davies, self-professed mercenary, man of steel and apparently liar. Davies had claimed to be on the scene immediately following the Benghazi consulate attack. He wasn’t there. Apparently 60 Minutes has the journalistic integrity of the Tech Press with more reach. Read More

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