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It happened. It came out of nowhere. Alarm bells started ringing. I could hear Lost In Space's, Robby the Robot in the back of my mind, “Warning Will Robinson Warning.” One of my Portfolio companies came out of Radio Silence. This company has not sent an update to investors in three Read More

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The other day I was sitting in a group of “thought leaders,” and I was surprised to hear a Harvard B school educated, “thought leading,” respected startup founder, ask "Thee Question." I'm talking the dumbest friggin question asked since humankind took to voice. The muy estúpida questionairo. The #1 ranked most Read More

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I've seen a pitch or two in my day. In fact this weekend I saw five startup entrepreneurs pitching to raise capital and in those five pitches I witnessed seven common pitching mistakes. I'd seen these mistakes many times before. One lady made all seven of these errors in one Read More

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By Doug Wendt and featured on his blog at Wendt Partners Do you have an exciting business concept? Perhaps it involves technology that will disrupt a market or change the world. Conventional wisdom says that, after putting in a few months of hard work on your part, designing some wireframes and Read More

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Startup Investors are like boat owners, your two happiest days are when you buy a stake in the company and when you sell that stake... or unfortunately when that boat sinks. Here are the 5 signs that the day you bought is going to be happier than the day you Read More

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How’s this for a question on Quora? Do angels ever graduate to become VCs? Graduate? Really? Is that a serious question? Because if that’s a serious question, than I’d like to know the answers to the following: Do humans ever graduate to vampires? Do lawyers ever graduate to become human? Do factory workers ever graduate Read More

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There are more than a few false beleifs that first time founders painfully learn are not true. Here are five lessons that are more easily learned in print than in practice. 1.    Pursue Your Passion – Pursue your passion as long as you are a multi-millionaire or your passion is bankable. If Read More

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