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By Doug Wendt and featured on his blog at Wendt Partners Do you have an exciting business concept? Perhaps it involves technology that will disrupt a market or change the world. Conventional wisdom says that, after putting in a few months of hard work on your part, designing some wireframes and Read More

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The rumor is that Evan Burfield of 1776 is about to close on $4M of funding for his Super DeDuper Accelerator. Now for every 100 accelerators, of the Super DeDupor variety or not, it would be lucky if 1 out of hundred had an actual positive return. So if you Read More

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Startup Investors are like boat owners, your two happiest days are when you buy a stake in the company and when you sell that stake... or unfortunately when that boat sinks. Here are the 5 signs that the day you bought is going to be happier than the day you Read More

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How’s this for a question on Quora? Do angels ever graduate to become VCs? Graduate? Really? Is that a serious question? Because if that’s a serious question, than I’d like to know the answers to the following: Do humans ever graduate to vampires? Do lawyers ever graduate to become human? Do factory workers ever graduate Read More

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There are more than a few false beleifs that first time founders painfully learn are not true. Here are five lessons that are more easily learned in print than in practice. 1.    Pursue Your Passion – Pursue your passion as long as you are a multi-millionaire or your passion is bankable. If Read More

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VCs from all over the globe, wrote 84 checks to fund 54 companies in the DC Region last quarter. Thanks to the very active state funds of Maryland, and Virginia, and multiple regional deals completed by New Atlantic Venture Partners (NEA), Revolution, and Grotech. Undisclosed funders, likely local DC Angel or Read More

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  In Q4 Virginia continued it's funding dominance with 24 companies raising nearly $170M. DC had one of its strongest showing with 10 companies raising $95M compared to Maryland's 19 deals at $54M. Avg Deal Sizes in Virginia and DC are heavily skewed by a few $10M+ deals. DC Mega Deals   VA Mega Deals   Company Amount Company Amount Vox Read More

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In DC the days of risk taking, early stage Venture Capitalists seems to be dead or dying. Of the 54 deals completed in the DC region last quarter, there were a total of  3 seed and 22 early stage while the remainder were expansion and later stage deals*. Yet DC Read More

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