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it takes more than building it to succeed. Idea’s are a friggin dime a dozen,.. good ideas, great ideas, fantastic ideas, very very good ideas, awesome ideas, and oh yes…. BS crappy ideas too. Building a company around an idea, even an “awesome” idea does not guarantee success. In fact data Read More

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How Do You Know If You’re Business Is Doing Great? As a business coach, I’d ask, “How’s Business.” The standard answer, “Great!” Then the deeper question, “How do you know?’ “Because our revenue is up 10% and we’re turning a profit.” Me: “Well that’s great if your business was a top performer against peers last Read More

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There are multiple reasons that outsourced development is gaining momentum and they include: Scale – Strong software resources are scarce and difficult to find. Good outsourced solutions can scale quickly.  Our teams at 10Pearls for instance are usually coding full speed ahead within two weeks of signing a contract. Team Fit Risk Read More

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The Love Language Concept Gary Chapman’s book “The Five Love Languages” is a must read book for couples seeking a healthy, sustainable relationship.  The book disputes the golden rule which is commonly thought to be, “Treat other’s as YOU want to be treated,” and supplants it with “Treat others as THEY Read More

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As I write this, connected to the internet via my mobile phone, I think about the philosophical ramifications of my Verzon FiOS internet failure. I'm a FiOS Internet 150/65 customer which means in the unlikely event that the service for which I'm paying right now was working, I'd be connected Read More

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Do you think it’s a extraordinary idea which makes a great company? Intelligence? Brilliance? Do you think It’s great execution? Is it grit or persistence? The answer is yes. Yes to all those things. Yet Luck is the single greatest success factor. According to studies from the Crank Institute, luck contributes over 74.3% to Read More

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During the battle of Thermopylae, popularized in the movie 300 Spartans, The Persians boasted of their overwhelming fire power in order to intimidate the Spartans to surrender.  Hydarnes, Commander of the Immortals, "When we attack today, our arrows will blot out the sun!" King Leonidas of the Spartans replied, "Wonderful, we look forward to Read More

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I have a proposed construct to use when thinking about the amount of effort, time, and risk it will take to build, operate and exit your startup. Let's call it The Startup Hurdles Race Theorem (theorem because it's so much more pretentious than theory). The variables in this construct are: Distance – How Read More

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