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We’ve been here before. The celebration of meaningless extravagance versus meaningful metrics in the race to become the next unicorn is, as Vice President, Joe Biden says…. “Malarky.” When there is an inordinate emphasis on nonsensical crap and no attention to what creates value, a bubble emerges. In DC there are Read More

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When it comes to entrepreneurs there are entrepreneurs and there are ulcerpreneurs. The entrepreneurs favor a fast pace and quantity over quality while the ulcerpreneurs favor insomnia, insanity and bleeding ulcers over serenity. General Patton said it best when he said, “Holy Crap! Look at all those Indians!’ Oh, no, sorry about Read More

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500 Startups' Dave McLure is no stranger to controversy. He's rarely lost an opportunity to broadcast his tone deaf value system at the top of his lungs. So it should come as no surprise that the master of the F-bomb would release a demotional "promotional" video, UpRound Funk. This kind Read More

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It's not about the destination... it's about the journey. For the founder, for the team, a startup is like peeling an onion. Peeling away each layer. From the inside out. Yes the goal is about peeling that last layer and getting to daylight and yet when that's your total focus. Each layer Read More

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July 27 UPDATE: Surefire Social is now looking for their 5th head of sales in 3 years. In the month of July alone,  2 of their top sales performers quit and the company the Chief Revenue Officer is gone. That's a sales force of 6 down to 3 in one Read More

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it takes more than building it to succeed. Idea’s are a friggin dime a dozen,.. good ideas, great ideas, fantastic ideas, very very good ideas, awesome ideas, and oh yes…. BS crappy ideas too. Building a company around an idea, even an “awesome” idea does not guarantee success. In fact data Read More

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Last Week I was at a trade show in Dallas. Not some glamorous high tech soiree. I’m talking a builders show. Where people sell stuff that build stuff. Stuff that provides shelter. Stuff that fills a basic need. Stuff that people can't live without. You know kind of like that Read More

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I've been reading about a plethora (<- don't know what that means but love how it sounds and makes me look studious) of new startups building new apps and it dawned on me that there should be a simple way of judging is the startup worthy. While looking at Trustify, an Read More

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