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“We believe that by building our own in-house team we’ll be more valuable.” Well I believe that if you don’t get a quality product to market quickly, you’re going to get your clock cleaned. You’re going to be late to market. You’re going to have no revenue. You’re going to be Read More

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There are multiple reasons that outsourced development is gaining momentum and they include: Scale – Strong software resources are scarce and difficult to find. Good outsourced solutions can scale quickly.  Our teams at 10Pearls for instance are usually coding full speed ahead within two weeks of signing a contract. Team Fit Risk Read More

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There's a debate going on on the DCTech Facebook Page that takes place in every business discussion at Universities,  Business Forums, Magazines across this country. It's the double standard for which women are treated as founders in terms of gaining mentors or investors. What's even worse is that women practice Read More

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Last week I did a leadership training session for rising leaders at Social Tables. In typical Don Berger's, Vincent-Lombardiesqe fashion, the class starts at 7:45 AM. Doesn't matter that I'm doing this gratis. If I want to collect my no-fee for my service, I have to get my ass out of Read More

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My mom's an 80 year old recent widow who's recovering from Cancer. I would have loved to be able to get to Florida a few weeks back to celebrate her birthday but since I couldn't be there I ordered flowers from 1-800-Flowers to be delivered to her on her birthday. When Read More

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Do you think it’s a extraordinary idea which makes a great company? Intelligence? Brilliance? Do you think It’s great execution? Is it grit or persistence? The answer is yes. Yes to all those things. Yet Luck is the single greatest success factor. According to studies from the Crank Institute, luck contributes over 74.3% to Read More

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What's in a like? It's a button press. A social media smile. It's a sign of appreciation... acceptance. It has meaning. Of something. Yet rarely of anything of any value. If likes were wishes and wishes were horses, like beggars would ride. "Please like my page!" "Please vote for me in this Read More

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Recently in a little back and forth and friendly chiding between the Washington Post's Steven Overly and me on twitter, Steven derided me for hating on government involvement in startups which evolved to poking me for being a hater of most DCTech companies.  This just in: @glehel says Crystal Tech Fund Read More

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What is the #1 skill of any sales person? The ability to read upside down sitting across from a prospects desk.