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What's in a like? It's a button press. A social media smile. It's a sign of appreciation... acceptance. It has meaning. Of something. Yet rarely of anything of any value. If likes were wishes and wishes were horses, like beggars would ride. "Please like my page!" "Please vote for me in this Read More

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Recently in a little back and forth and friendly chiding between the Washington Post's Steven Overly and me on twitter, Steven derided me for hating on government involvement in startups which evolved to poking me for being a hater of most DCTech companies.  This just in: @glehel says Crystal Tech Fund Read More

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When Marissa Mayer left Google for Yahoo she jumped off a Runaway Train and hopped aboard a speeding meteor crashing to earth. What works for a runaway train does not convey to crashing meteors. Runaway trains are exhilarating, out of control, rocket ships of momentum. Crashing through all barriers, picking up steam Read More

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The three biggest lies...  The check's in the mail Something about something that is inappropriate for a business blog that involves bodily fluid I'm from the government and I'm hear to help you Lately, especially after the blog post, "DCTech Under a New Mayor," I've been accused by some of speaking out of both Read More

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When I was a kid, in the 60's, when there were hippies, the saying amongst the youthful counter culture.... "Don't trust anyone under 30." Then one day, unlike Jimmy Hendrix and Janice Joplin, the Beatles and many other survivors of the 60's turned 30, raising the bar of trust. Well folks, Read More

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Startup Investors are like boat owners, your two happiest days are when you buy a stake in the company and when you sell that stake... or unfortunately when that boat sinks. Here are the 5 signs that the day you bought is going to be happier than the day you Read More

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For sometime I’ve been struggling with the Startup Industrial Complex’s definition of Awesome. It would seem that if you are part of the non-discriminating tech press, which pretty much means every tech rag, if you're a tech "journalist" you believe every startup is awesome. The bar of awesomeness seems as simple Read More

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There’s been an assload of co-working spaces added to DCTech in the past couple of years and in the last year I’ve visited most of these spaces. All of them have advantages from great location, to certain amenities, to design, and convenience. Here’s my assessment and impressions of the spaces. Significant Read More

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