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VCs from all over the globe, wrote 84 checks to fund 54 companies in the DC Region last quarter. Thanks to the very active state funds of Maryland, and Virginia, and multiple regional deals completed by New Atlantic Venture Partners (NEA), Revolution, and Grotech. Undisclosed funders, likely local DC Angel or Read More

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In DC the days of risk taking, early stage Venture Capitalists seems to be dead or dying. Of the 54 deals completed in the DC region last quarter, there were a total of  3 seed and 22 early stage while the remainder were expansion and later stage deals*. Yet DC Read More

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New fangled venture accelerators, angel-list-addicts, and angels commonly predict the death of Venture Capital. I say that accelerators are yet to prove they have a sustainable model, angel list is a fad that's fading as fast as Facebook and angels (like me) are the pigs on our way to the Read More

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In the #DCTech Startup Bubble, you know the place where the Wizard of Oz reigns and flying monkeys rule the skies, twas a Year of bombast, bullshitocracy, glitterati and noise, noise noise. But in the real world of Startups, in the place where the rubber meets the road, the place where the Read More

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What happens when Paul Sherman, Editor and Chief of Potomac Tech Wire, invites five Venture Capitalists from Washington DCs most active Venture Firms on stage to review the past year and predict coming trends? A crowd of 300 people gather to network, learn and be amused. Thanks to deft interviewing by Paul Read More

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If it was easy to pick winners and losers, nobody would have invested in the Kevin Costner film, The Postman. There'd never be an $80M investment in a film that garnered $18M in box office receipts. But sometimes, success can’t be defined at the box office. Artistically, the post man received 3 Read More

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Of the 29 companies cashing funding checks in Q2 2013, 13 raised money from DC regional Venture Capitalists. Those 29 companies took in a total of 67 checks of which 16 were written by firms identified as DC firms (Including Silicon Valley-based NEA). San Francisco/Silicon Valley Firms stroked 12 checks. Unidentified Read More

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While the DC Rah Rah Cheerleader crowd pretend that DC is the next Sillicon Valley, the constantly shrinking list of Venture Investors are signalling they're interest elsewhere. There were 29 total companies funded by VCs last quarter, yet 27 VCs based in the District, Maryland and Virginia wrote 56 checks Read More

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