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When it comes to entrepreneurs there are entrepreneurs and there are ulcerpreneurs. The entrepreneurs favor a fast pace and quantity over quality while the ulcerpreneurs favor insomnia, insanity and bleeding ulcers over serenity. General Patton said it best when he said, “Holy Crap! Look at all those Indians!’ Oh, no, sorry about Read More

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There are multiple reasons why America benefit by breaking the shackles of big oil interests and move to renewable green energy. It isn’t just about saving the environment, and it’s not about wordsmithing and morphing global warming to the more energy company-friendly term climate change. It’s about retooling an economy Read More

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First impressions are a dangerous thing. He’s so tall. She’s so well spoken. He’s so handsome. She’s so interesting. That’s the sizzle. This person is impressive. They've got sizzle... where's the beef? Many leaders are anointed on the sizzle and yet fail on the steak. That company is so hot! Nibletz and Read More

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In DC there is a company called Speek. They are one of many companies looking to unseat the entrenched large incumbent companies in the highly price competitive world of conference calling. In DC startupland, when you say the word Speek, every founder, tech entrepreneur, wantrepreneur knows the company of whom Read More

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What makes a startup different than a mom and pop business? What’s the difference between a small business and a startup? It’s the business model. A small business is a small business now and will be a small business 10 years from now. It’s a bagel shop that grows slowly and Read More

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I am kicking myself for my brashness when I wrongly maligned the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC). I should have never compared their board to understudies of the cast of "Remember the 80s." I'm sorry and I apologize to my readers and the organization. You see on June 20th, 2012, I posted Read More

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Microsoft is launching a new seasonal student buying program called “Chip In” to help students get a new Windows 8 PC for back to school. A pilot program this year, Chip In lets students with a valid .edu email address crowd-source funds to help them purchase a qualified PC of Read More

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Anyone can tell you what happened last year. Lots of folks can tell you what they think will happen in the coming year. But right here on this post that you are reading is the only place where you can read next year's year in review. Here’s what you’ll be Read More

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