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You see this ad everyday full of everyday ad scenes, every day people and every day mush. A brilliant expression of mediocrity. A very original expression of unoriginal thinking. Enjoy! Think about it... how much of your branding and how much of your marketing material... look just like this? This Is a Read More

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During the battle of Thermopylae, popularized in the movie 300 Spartans, The Persians boasted of their overwhelming fire power in order to intimidate the Spartans to surrender.  Hydarnes, Commander of the Immortals, "When we attack today, our arrows will blot out the sun!" King Leonidas of the Spartans replied, "Wonderful, we look forward to Read More

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Many CEOs who come from the product or technical ranks and have little to no experience with selling or managing a sales force fall victim to a few easily mitigated traps. Engineers find it easy to manage engineers. Most leaders are comfortable coaching, mentoring and managing within their native discipline. Yet Read More

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In DC there is a company called Speek. They are one of many companies looking to unseat the entrenched large incumbent companies in the highly price competitive world of conference calling. In DC startupland, when you say the word Speek, every founder, tech entrepreneur, wantrepreneur knows the company of whom Read More

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You can pretend everything is beautiful You can go with the flow You can go along to get along You can be a positive voice. You can timidly avoid offending others You can conform You can be one of many blades of grass one of many freshly mowed blades in a perfectly manicured lawn   Or   You can be the green apple Read More

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How many times have you stopped and thought about the perfection of inhaled air.  Maybe after running for miles as you struggle to breath, you recognize the beauty of oxygen that always surrounds you.  How many of us appreciate how wonderful it is to simply walk.  When things go wrong, Read More

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Word is that Marissa Mayer’s next big move will be to take on gmail with Yahoo mail. You know Yahoo mail, right? That’s the email address that your mom uses when she forwards your gmails to granny’s AOL account. You know Yahoo email right? That’s the account that that crazy detective Columbo, from the 70's Read More

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The problem with design, with advertising copy, with color choices is, no matter what you pick, it’s going to be wrong. That’s because when you get past the science of design, a large portion of it is still dependent on opinion and you know what they say about opinion. Don’t you? Read More

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