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Bizaro World Holy Cow! Nineteen Billion with a B dollars for a brandy spanking new startup that only had 50 employees. Overnight! A Ukrainian immigrant, formerly on food stamps, is worth Six Billion with a B dollars! Screw college, screw working for the man, I’m going to join the DC 1776 Frat Party Read More

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There are two worlds of DC Tech, The Real World and the Bizaro World. The press, are naturally attracted to the Bizaro World where up is down, black is white, and fantasy rules the day. At no time was this more evident than in this past Friday’s post by Washington Business Read More

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No folks a Zubie isn't my, well you know, it isn't a nickname for my special freind.. No a zubie is my new favorite Internet of Things thing. Thankfully, finally the Internet of Things hype, the Internet of Things this and Internet of Thangs that, at last I have found Read More

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Liquidity is derived from available investable cash. For startup investors liquidity comes in two forms, exits and new cash investments from limited partners. Profitable exits provide the positive returns to justify strong enough Limited Partner (LP) confidence in the asset class to pony up more cash into Venture Capital funds Read More

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It’s the beginning of a new year. A time of rebirth and renewal. A time of reflection and putting plans into action. So what is your plan? What can you do that would change everything? What is the single most important thing you can do to effect the most positive change. Read More

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I've had the time to reflect back on the year that was and here’s what happened that meant something to somebody. It was a year of Facebook Likes, New Logos, tons of BS and people passionately reinventing everything including their past successes, where they went to college and their criminal records. It Read More

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In DC there is a company called Speek. They are one of many companies looking to unseat the entrenched large incumbent companies in the highly price competitive world of conference calling. In DC startupland, when you say the word Speek, every founder, tech entrepreneur, wantrepreneur knows the company of whom Read More

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What makes a startup different than a mom and pop business? What’s the difference between a small business and a startup? It’s the business model. A small business is a small business now and will be a small business 10 years from now. It’s a bagel shop that grows slowly and Read More

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