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When Marissa Mayer left Google for Yahoo she jumped off a Runaway Train and hopped aboard a speeding meteor crashing to earth. What works for a runaway train does not convey to crashing meteors. Runaway trains are exhilarating, out of control, rocket ships of momentum. Crashing through all barriers, picking up steam Read More

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Bizaro World Holy Cow! Nineteen Billion with a B dollars for a brandy spanking new startup that only had 50 employees. Overnight! A Ukrainian immigrant, formerly on food stamps, is worth Six Billion with a B dollars! Screw college, screw working for the man, I’m going to join the DC 1776 Frat Party Read More

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There are many super-celebrities in the DCTech startup world. Today I thought I'd feature one such celebrety in their own words from Twitter and Facebook. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Peter Corbett, CEO of iStrategyLabs and defacto king of DCTech! It's new car day! This has always been a dream car for me. BMW Read More

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In DC there is a company called Speek. They are one of many companies looking to unseat the entrenched large incumbent companies in the highly price competitive world of conference calling. In DC startupland, when you say the word Speek, every founder, tech entrepreneur, wantrepreneur knows the company of whom Read More

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If an Alcoholic is ever going to get on the road to recovery, they must first acknowledge they have a problem.  No, no, no… I’m not admitting that I am an alcoholic I speak metaphorically. The DC Startup Community is the alcoholic and the Startup Bullshit Industrial Complex is the Read More

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Maybe it’s because he’s had enough success as founder of Blackboard, one of DC’s most successful Tech Companies, that Chasen isn’t offended by questions and criticism; or maybe he’s successful because he knows he doesn’t have all the answers and appreciates a critique. But for whatever reason, Michael Chasen asked Read More

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I’m going to build a great company. I’m going to raise Venture Capital. My VCs and I will walk hand in hand together. We're going to conquer the world. We’re going to make a difference. We’re going to be the next Facebook, the next Google. I’m going to be the next Read More

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As an investor I judge startups by the quality of their idea and team. You can place all startups into one of four quadrants based on these measures. The Quadrants Lightning in a Bottle - Great teams with great products are the purest of gold. The highest of the high, these companies Read More

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