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It's not about the destination... it's about the journey. For the founder, for the team, a startup is like peeling an onion. Peeling away each layer. From the inside out. Yes the goal is about peeling that last layer and getting to daylight and yet when that's your total focus. Each layer Read More

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Do you think it’s a extraordinary idea which makes a great company? Intelligence? Brilliance? Do you think It’s great execution? Is it grit or persistence? The answer is yes. Yes to all those things. Yet Luck is the single greatest success factor. According to studies from the Crank Institute, luck contributes over 74.3% to Read More

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I’ve just returned from Peru where I met with and coached several startup entrepreneurs. I had the opportunity to meet with the VP of Finance of one of the countries largest corporations who has intentions to start a Venture Fund. I met with University of Lima officials and other smart, Read More

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Recently one of my favorite startup CEOs, Sam Aparicio of Ringio, took me to task for one of my numerous Mr Cranky rants (See: Taking Issue With Mr Cranky’s Thoughts on DC Startups and Is DC the New New York).  I’m happy he did because: My rants are designed to evoke Read More

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How does a startup entrepreneur develop the best investor pitch? Well one way is to have the best idea, with the best company and the best team to execute the bests plan ever and to not need any money.  That plan would get 100% of the funding it didn't need.   Since Read More

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Leading a startup to success requires perseverance and passion. Yet when does insanity manifest itself as perseverance? When does passion blur one's vision?  When is the traction you’re not achieving attributed to devotion to an unworthy cause? How many no’s must you hear before you recognize that your personal vision Read More

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What a joyous celebration by Serena Williams upon winning the Olympic gold medal in women’s singles tennis in London.  There she was, at a loss for words, standing center court at the All England Club. Less than a month earlier, Serena had earned $1.4 million dollars and her 5th Wimbledon Read More

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If you’ve ever seen the movies Cool Hand Luke or One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest then you can relate to how I feel sometimes when I step into the crap-spewing-fan, cheered-on quietly by the silent masses, content to keep their heads down in their foxholes while this dope sticks Read More

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