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The three biggest lies...  The check's in the mail Something about something that is inappropriate for a business blog that involves bodily fluid I'm from the government and I'm hear to help you Lately, especially after the blog post, "DCTech Under a New Mayor," I've been accused by some of speaking out of both Read More

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If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery does the same hold true for plagiarism. Here's two slide by slide comparisons of 1776's Investor presentation created July 2013 (on the left) and a presentation given by 500 Startups (at the time), Paul Singh on August of 2012 (on the right). I Read More

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On the evening of Tuesday, April 1, it was final, Mayor Vincent Gray had been defeated by Muriel Bowser as the Democratic nominee for the Mayor of DC. DC has never had a republican mayor. In fact since DC’s first Mayor, Walter Washington, there have been a total of 7 mayors and Read More

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For sometime I’ve been struggling with the Startup Industrial Complex’s definition of Awesome. It would seem that if you are part of the non-discriminating tech press, which pretty much means every tech rag, if you're a tech "journalist" you believe every startup is awesome. The bar of awesomeness seems as simple Read More

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Walk into any Starbucks or even better, Pete’s Coffee in Silicon Valley and it’s abuzz with startup talk. It’s ripe with tech riffs. It’s a flurry of fabulousness. There’s tech startup density in Northern California. There’s startup legacy and technology DNA running all the way down the 101 from the Read More

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There are a ton of DC companies that I just never saw them pitch nor had the chance to invest. Some of them like, Spree Commerce, Canvas, Everfi, have attracted serious VCs, investing real money, and are now well beyond the seed stage. There's a ton of ideas and "companies" that Read More

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VCs from all over the globe, wrote 84 checks to fund 54 companies in the DC Region last quarter. Thanks to the very active state funds of Maryland, and Virginia, and multiple regional deals completed by New Atlantic Venture Partners (NEA), Revolution, and Grotech. Undisclosed funders, likely local DC Angel or Read More

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For those of you going to South By Southwest (SXSW) for the first time. You might find this reading of my prior SXSW posts useful. If you do happen to find them useful, then I’d advise you bring an adult chaperone on the trip with you because you’re not qualified to be Read More

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