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In Search Of: Leaders eager to continue to grow, learn and be challenged. And, if you’re the kind of leader who knows who is buried in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier then this group isn’t for you. If you want to know why President Grant is buried in Grant’s Tomb… why Read More

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Here we go again. We’ve crested the top of the latest DC Region Startup roller coaster hill and we’re now speeding towards a bottom.  Just four years ago, in 2012 there was a budding DC Startup Industrial Complex. This included multiple media outlets with hot shot reporters, there were record Read More

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Update on Former #DCTech, DC Founder Institute grad Tim Cook and his wife. Help them out and gain a chance to win a $5K saling trip for 6!  See details below.    New Years update on my beautiful wife Emily Jan 2, 2016 Days before sending Emily home for the holidays, the Nerve pain Read More

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One Monday night, sitting in a bar with several friends of mine who happen to share the fact that we all have a few (code for most) dog angel investment or two that we’ve made in the last few years and the talk turned to our Zombie companies that are Read More

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July 27 UPDATE: Surefire Social is now looking for their 5th head of sales in 3 years. In the month of July alone,  2 of their top sales performers quit and the company the Chief Revenue Officer is gone. That's a sales force of 6 down to 3 in one Read More

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  Listen to Donald Trump. Listen carefully and listen like an extinct creature, like the kind of creatures that roamed the earth before everyone with a keyboard and an internet connection became a blogger... listen like a Journalist  (sans the quote marks required when referring to the startup Tech Press) and Read More

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If you haven’t heard by now, Ashley Madison, a match.com for people in a relationship looking to cheat on their partners was hacked and the group that hacked them released a customer list. This Hack is an unfortunate event with a new local twist. Not only are several DC Technology luminaries Read More

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Last Week I was at a trade show in Dallas. Not some glamorous high tech soiree. I’m talking a builders show. Where people sell stuff that build stuff. Stuff that provides shelter. Stuff that fills a basic need. Stuff that people can't live without. You know kind of like that Read More

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