Startups Run Lean...real lean. Outside unexpected expenses can mean disaster. Founders typically walk the tight rope with no safety net and things like medical insurance suffer. Take the case of Tim Cook, no not the CEO of the company that I dislike called Apple, but Tim the founder of PcTechmate. Tim's Read More

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I’ve been holding back the crank for so long it’s time to blow off steam on just a few pent up topics: Trump’s Multiple Bankruptcises – Paraphrasing the Donald, “Hey, I’m smart. I used the law to my advantage. I took companies through bankruptcy and remained wealthy.” Yes that’s true and Read More

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One Monday night, sitting in a bar with several friends of mine who happen to share the fact that we all have a few (code for most) dog angel investment or two that we’ve made in the last few years and the talk turned to our Zombie companies that are Read More

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So the month of September 2015 started off with promise. The company I was working for, Surefire Social, had just been named to the Inc 500 as one of America's fastest growing companies. I was about to go on to a two week Eastern European river cruise. Life was good. Then Read More

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You're a founder and maybe you love your company. Maybe you love what you do. Maybe you want to do it forever. But the only definite thing you can say about forever is that it is forever. You are someday going to move on from your company either on your Read More

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The world has changed in 30 years. Corporations don’t provide the kind of security and pension plans they use to. People don’t work the same job for 25 years. Baby Boomers are being replaced in the work force by Millennials and bosses can no longer lead by fear, intimidation or Read More

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  Listen to Donald Trump. Listen carefully and listen like an extinct creature, like the kind of creatures that roamed the earth before everyone with a keyboard and an internet connection became a blogger... listen like a Journalist  (sans the quote marks required when referring to the startup Tech Press) and Read More

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If you haven’t heard by now, Ashley Madison, a for people in a relationship looking to cheat on their partners was hacked and the group that hacked them released a customer list. This Hack is an unfortunate event with a new local twist. Not only are several DC Technology luminaries Read More

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People with serious mental health issues should not own a gun... Then why does @realDonaldTrump have a gun? #FuckFaceVonClownstick