I’m looking for a sales professional with a very specialized experience and skill set. As my job listing in a popular job site states: Qualifications: Minimum 5 years sales experience Experience selling a complex technology-oriented product or service Solutions Selling Experience Proven ability to meet and exceed sales goals Digital marketing services sales experience a plus Effective Read More

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It’s apple Dick Tracy had one in the 50’s It’s a very expensive hula hoop Its space has been reserved, right next to Google Glass in the Bad Fad Museum Everyone is going to want one… until they don’t Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it… anyone want to overpay for Read More

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Praise be the internet. Kudos to the enabler of semi-illiterate, half-baked, lunatic fringe turned advice bloggers.  Thanks to Bill Gates, Mark Andreeson,  Vint Cerf, Al Gore the world is served with unqualified morons like me giving the free advice worth twice the price. Every time I read a 8 Ways to Read More

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The other day I was sitting in a group of “thought leaders,” and I was surprised to hear a Harvard B school educated, “thought leading,” respected startup founder, ask "Thee Question." I'm talking the dumbest friggin question asked since humankind took to voice. The muy estúpida questionairo. The #1 ranked most Read More

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When you are the worst mass transit system in the solar system, how do you get customers to regain faith in you? How do you get vigilant trolls like @unsuckdcmetro to stop bashing you?  Well you could spend some of your taxpayer money on actually building a safer, more reliable, more cost effective Read More

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I’ve been working at Surefire Social  for 8 weeks now and I feel like I’ve found my way  home after years of wandering. Why? Because it’s a startup? No. Because it’s a technology company? No. Because I believe I can make a difference? No. All those things are true and yet the reason this Read More

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There are two things that have always bothered me and I want to get them off my chest: I've Been Working On The Railroad - In that song and I quote, "someone's in the kitchen with Dinah, Someone's in the kitchen I know."  Here's my question, when the singer says, "someone's in Read More

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Mr Cranky vs Mr Nicey Nice - on BRANDING...Come See Who Wins!! Wednesday, March 25 from 5:30p – 7:30p A MENG DC event sponsored by Glen Hellman debates himself as Mr Cranky and Mr Nicey Nice.  Watch him debate, distilling a brand and getting that message out. Come see who wins. Glen Hellman Read More

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