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Glen Hellman
Business Strategist
Driven Forward LLC

Glen's been around startups, around the world and around the block since starting his career as a sales guy at Lexitron, a high-tech startup in 1979. Within his first year on the job he had the experience of an IPO and eventual acquisition by Raytheon. From then on he was hooked on startups and entrepreneurship.  

He's founded companies, joined early teams, directed organizations to multiple IPOs including a $360M IPO of Progress Software, mergers, acquisitions including a $92M acquisition of Call Technologies by 3Com.

Prior to founding Driven Forward in 2007, Glen worked as a hired-gun turn-around CEO in the employ of Venture Capital Investors.  After laying-off too many good people, selling-off too many hard earned assets, Hellman realized he was a corporate hospice worker overseeing the orderly shut-down of once vibrant life-forces.

On that day he started Driven Forward, dedicating to corporate wellness-care and insuring that companies in which he is involved will never require a turn-around executive.

Glen is a certified Vistage CEO Peer Group Facilitator and a former Vistage Rookie of the Year.  He's was a board member for The University of Maryland, Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship and is an active Angel Investor and advisor to Startups in the DC Capital Region. In 2012 Glen was voted the #1 Angel Investor by Tech Cocktail readers.  He's a Top Rated, Global 100 Mentor for the Founder Institute, and is frequently quoted in print and broadcast for his views on business and entrepreneurship and serves as a business analyst for ABC7, WJLA.

Hellman likes to blame his lack of skill as a hockey player on all this activity but the truth is he was never a very good player and he rather blame it on how busy he is than admit he's more of a chess player than an athlete.

You can catch his musings on his blog, Forward Thinking or his columns for Tech Cocktail.

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